Hiro Yamagata

Humans perceive a fraction of the light spectrum created by the sun; and what we fail to see is dazzling. This installation seeks to make the invisible, not only visible, but extraordinary. Two cubes, constructed of holographic panels embossed with a special prism coating, reflect and refract visible light frequencies, creating a prism like view of the light spectrum. The result is a spectacular array of glowing light, dancing between the cubes. The intricate display of color and light is ever evolving, treating the viewer to a myriad of changing visuals depending on the angle or time of day.
The real magic begins when the sun disappears and darkness falls. It is then that the laser system pours light onto the panels. Like the sun, the laser beams create light from the individual electron's reactions to different particles. These particles, not normally perceived by the human eye, reflect off the holographic surfaces, making the "invisible" light appear; and the view is extraordinary. The reflection of the laser beams bouncing off the four cubes creates the illusion of a color and light infused structure perched in the their center. This brilliantly hued creation of light materializes seemingly out of thin air and offers the viewer a truly unique visual experience.

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