The Periscope

Periscope View

So I came up with the periscope concept. This way Light would enter the room aswell as and Image. Here you see the different views according to specification.

Overall Outlook

When comparing Agnus and Patricks routes and homes I realised that the buildings only had windows on one side which left the flats dark and gloomy. I wanted them to have more light and maybe even a view.


Urban Territory

In this plan you can see the estate and bits of east street market where Agnus goes to alot. The different zone colours show the amount of pedestrian traffic, yellow being low and red high. I did this analysis so that I can see how Agnus reacts to so many strangers within her Personal Boundary.

Agnus's Interior Territory

I just thought it would be funny to have her in her bubble as she walks around. She looks so cute!

Vitruvian Woman

Agnus likes to talk to strangers at an arms length away. When taking a photo of her with her arms outstretched I was reminded by Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitruvian man. This bubble protects Agnus from social invasion. Whats behind the bubble is her own personal territory.

My New Friend

New agenda. Me and my partner had to split up and work individually. At the beginning of the project we measured and drew most of the Wendover estate. I wanted to find an elderly who lives there, that way our drawings wouldnt go to waste. I found a woman called Agnus (shh) and she lives on that estate. I drew out her flat and the different colours are different zones that show how far her territory reaches. The blank rooms are those that belong to her son.

I Should be a Graphic Designer

My drafts for the Inter7 Publication. I wanted a commercial feel and I felt a need to put the Aylesbury on it. I love photoshop.

Patrick's Route

This drawing isolates everything apart from Patricks route. On the brief we had to draw The Day in the Life of an old person. This is our interpretation. Patrick lives on the second floor of the Missenden estate. He walks his dog in the small park by the ramp, and when he needs to go the pub he accesses the other ramp by crossing a bridge. Its interesting how he avoids the stairs and its convenient for him that he has easy access to different ramps depending on the direction he's heading.


Just out of curiosity, me and my partner decided to figure out all the different routes in that estate and whats interesting is that there are alot of bridges connecting buildings to each other. Another nice feature was the ramp, which is really important for the elderly.


The corridor in the wendover estate. This is the type of corridor Patrick has a phobia of. The top three lines are the plans and elevation of the corridor. It is extremely long and the units are repetitive.


Elevator shaft for the Wendover estate.

A New Year

Third year is hell. I've entered this unit that is mainly focusing on Urban architecture so my design is no longer focusing on a small building or furniture. Its big scale now. What's interesting about this unit is our focus is the elderly community in the Aylesbury estate. So we all went to that horrible place, made us some old friends and took our research from there. We even published a book which I will try and scan. I paired up with a guy from Costa Rico which is great! He sleeps late and wakes up late and likes to eat so we made a great team. We met a geezer called Patrick (below) and interviewed him. He had a phobia of corridors as he's never lived in high density block, and has lived in his home for over 20 years. This is what Ive done so far.