Final Film

In this film I made a 1:1 rough version of the new piece concept and the moment the pieces fall, and how they feel under your feet. I wanted to capture the falling moment, as well as the breaking moment. The sound was an important factor as well. 

The Pieces. New Objects.

New Storyboard

Final Plan

Broken Object

Hanging Objects

1:1 Porcelain and Plaster Objects

Object and Structure Growth

Anxiety Tree Model

Anxiety Garden Collages

The Anxiety Garden

In this plan the objects and structure are organised in a conservative way to create a private enclosed space that isolates the experience within the square. This arrangement is one example on how the structures can be placed and the type of experience it create. The number of structures also collaborates with the experience; the more trees on the site, the more crash zones. In this arrangement the circulation around the site is not disrupted by the structures which makes this arrangement more of an enclosed space.

This arrangement obstructs the circulation creating intentional disruption. People will be forced to walk through the structures and try to avoid the falling object.

In the arrangement underneath the structures are lined up in rows following the circulation paths to give the illusion that the pedestrian is walking through a path within a forest, experiencing the space without the structures invading their route.

Object Form Study

I designed 4 different shapes to decide on the final object shape. I continued with the same wishbone shape as traditionally it is broken to make a wish. The hole in the centre is where the written wish will be scrolled into.

Forest Collage

Forest Effect

The Anxiety Garden is a forest of fragile wishes that shake in the wind and crash to the ground. They break into small fragments and the wish is released and no longer sits privately within the object. The wind blows and the pieces move around the site, littering the paths of the pedestrians. The wishes keep falling until the tree is completely bare.

Material Testing

Tree Growth

Tree Collage

The Tree

The Object

Proposal 2 - The Anxiety Garden

A de-stressing experience by the globe pub. There are over 100 people in and out of the Globe every weekday. They drink their sorrows and anxieties away only to go back home to start another stressful day. In the pub there is a booth and a pile of wishbones. These wishbones represent the frailty of human emotion. The booth supplies you with small pieces of paper where you can write your hopes, dreams, troubles and sorrows and send them out to the world.
   The structure grows slowly as it accumulates everyones wishbones. The steel membranes start to get hidden by the wishbones until the skeleton is no longer visible. The wishbones create a garden with different spaces. It has animalistic behaviors and shakes nervously depending on whether the stocks are going up or down. Some pieces drop off whilst others remain high and strong.