Homemade Prisms

After exploring the Light effects transformed through chandelier prisms I decided to home make my own prisms using Resin. Due to the fact that my prisms had less edges and sides than the crystal prisms, the refractions are weaker.

How to make your own Prism:
1- Out of wood, carve the prism shape you want to create (pyramids are the easiest!)
2- Vaccum cast the wooden prism to form a mould.
3- Buy a can of clear resin (this can be found in most art shops)
4- Each resin varies so read the instructions and calculate how much hardner you should mix in.
5- Slowly mix the two components or else you'll form bubbles.
6- Pour the resin into the mould and wait 24hrs.

Et Voila! Your own homemade prism!

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