Le Dernier Cri

Dernier Cri is a french term that means, The Latest, or the Latest in Fashion. However the real reason as to why I used this term as the headline and title for my blog is because of what I feel it really stands for.

There is a french workshop called Le Dernier Cri and it is the brainchild of Pakito Bolino and Caroline Sury. Established early 1993 in the suburbs of Paris, relocated to Marseille in 1995, they are carrying on a french tradition of independent underground art publishing. Le Dernier Cri produces wonders for/with artists like BlexBolex, Keiti Ota, Kerozen, Gary Panter, Y5/P5, and Stu Mead to name but a few. In their 'Hopital Brut' series they are opening the vaults of tomorrows 'could be wonders' offering a manic selection of new and upcoming talent from around the globe. Celebration of their 10th anniversary has brought on a well recieved series of expositions in France, Holland and the USA.

Personally I find their work so punk and even sometimes retro. There are no rules to what they do or how they draw they just go crazy and I love it. Album covers are considered icons to some people and these drawings and paintings have similar recognition. They throw wicked exhibitions and the work is really hot. Please check out them out on:


And play the flash animated version it's fun.

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