Broadway Market

East London in general is rumoured to be an intimidating place, but if there is one place I would risk going to in Hackney it's Broadway Market. Unlike Portobello and Camden, Broadway is custom made by artists that are new or "finding themselves". It wasn't always like this though and this new trend of funky designers has merged the essences of both old and new in this short but condensed street. Below are photos I took of my favourite parts of Broadway.


Jinho Park said...

Hi, It's Jin! :) DId you go to Hackney Market? I will check out there too. hhh It's nice to see what and where you've been! I'll come back and check you out again. Go Aseel!

Bassel said...

I remember those photos Broadway market is the coolest place I've been to in London. The most peculiar aspect of the market is the dynamics between the people there. See the thing is that every single person that was taken a photo of is actually a pillar in the make-up of the market and its experience. Every person has their own history there, their own routines and they make up part of the culture of the Broadway market. Keep an eye out for spirit (as I recall his name was) if you ever visit he is the one that sells the coconut drinks. He knows everyone's story and if he's in the mood, he will give you an insight. Peace!