City of Silk - Kuwait

1300 years ago a Golden Age of scholarship, commerce, science, and faith began. For 400 years, the Middle East was the centre of learning, prosperity, well-being, and trade that reached from China to Spain, Russia to Africa. The great silk routes linked these nations together with trade on land and sea, and people from around the world came to Mesopotamia to learn, share, and explore the great ideas of antiquity. In the House of Wisdom, people of different faiths, nationalities, ethnicities and values met to exchange ideas and hopes of all civilizations.

Finally we can announce a new Golden Age for the Middle East with Madinat Al Hareer, the City of Silk. Far more than just a property development, Madinat Al Hareer builds upon the momentum and courage begun 20 years ago by our sister cities of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha that have created a new sense of excitement and prosperity for the Arabian Gulf. Kuwait has invested in all of these Countries so that these developments can prosper at an unprecedented rate, all the while Kuwait has been rebuilding its own Country from the ravages of aggression and invasion.

But today, Kuwait adds to this new heritage of world-class projects. This is a massive project that will take around 20 years to finish. The main attraction of Madinat al-Hareer, the Burj Mubarak al-Kabir will stand at 1,001 m tall, almost three times the height of the Empire State Building, almost twice the height of Taipei 101, which is 509 m tall, and even taller than the world's current tallest manmade structure, the Burj Dubai Tower which will be at least 818 meters when completed. Can you imagine?

Those who are living in Kuwait and have noticed the current works on the Sheraton Roundabout and by Wasabi and Ciro's Pizza Pomodoro and have been complaining about the traffic be assured that this time it's for great reasons. A 23.5-kilometer long bridge is being constructed in that area. The bridge should decrease driving times from Kuwait City to Madinat al-Hareer to seventeen minutes rather than the usual one-and-a-half-hour drive around Kuwait Bay. Madinat al-Hareer is also built on the dream of building a huge port in the biggest island in Kuwait, Bubiyan Island. Bubiyan Port, as it will be called, will serve the interests of major countries in the Middle East and Asia including Kuwait, Iraq, and Iran. In addition, the port will be one of the closest sea ports to Central Asia.

All of these ports: land, sea, and air cradle a new city in their embrace: Madinat Al Hareer.
Designed with not one, but four new City Centres, it is a new cosmopolitan city for a new century. Finance City, Leisure City, Culture City, and Ecological City match the demands of our contemporary society for new places to work, relax, learn, and preserve the natural heritage of our land. The Tower will also host a Mosque, Church and Synagogue to unit the three main religions.

Check out this YouTube video to see the overall urban planning of the city:

Madinat Al Hareer


Jinho Park said...

I love your writing. This is a great news! :) I must visit Kuwait one day.

Bassel said...

We will have our golden age again. This development along with all the projects that are in progress in the Arab world are one step in the path towards development, prosperity and growth. This is a really nice project, and hopefully there are many more to come. As a fan of your blog I request that you enlighten us with more projects like Madinat al-Harir please.

Tarek said...

it looks really cool, it seems today that the gulf countries are racing to the skies with Al Burj in Dubai waiting for Burj Dubai to be completed to announce the height of their project and Mile High tower in Saudi, what is interesting though is it seems like Kuwait are going to be the only ones that incorporate some culture in their race to the sky