Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy was a project I worked on last year. The brief was to design furniture that is influenced by the weather. My site was Sloane Square in which wind was my weather factor. My design was a series of reeds that are made out of metal. These reeds would move depending on the wind and create different sounds as different heights create different tones. The second part of the brief which I found to be intriguing was the rendering part. We were given a list of artists to influence the way we render. My influence was Rembrandt because I'm fond of the way he uses darkness and shadows in his paintings to emphasize on light. He always highlights his main figures and darkens the background. Below are different scenarios on Sloane Square.

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Bassel said...

This is by far one of the coolest concepts I've ever seen. I really like the idea of walking down a square and have a wave of LED-lit reeds swinging along with the breeze. Its like a modern-day walk in a wheat field! It brings more life and interaction into our daily routines of walking to work or going shopping...Nice Asoul!