Olympic Viewing Platform

Point of View

A 3 metre high, 17 kilometre long, blue fence surrounds the Olympic Park in east London. The Olympic Delivery Authority employs poker-faced security guards to patrol the perimeter of the site and stop visitors from taking photographs. Workmen armed with pots of the regulation cyan blue, paint out graffiti on a daily basis.
In response to the ODA’s attempt to block views of the site, and its failure to take advantage of a historic opportunity to get people interested in architecture, Blueprint asked Office for Subversive Architecture to create a viewing platform.
Point of View was designed and built in a matter of days, and installed by Blueprint staff with Bruce and Sam Tipper (the joiners who made it) and OSA’s Karsten Huneck and Bernd Truempler at 6am on 12 June. Point of View remained in position for several days before being removed by the ODA.

For some reason we can't see what could be the most interesting architectural revolution to occur in London. There must be a conspiracy behind this. We want to see!

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