Pimp My Chair!

Designer Lee Broom will present a furniture collection called Rough Diamond in London later this month. They will be shown in Brick Lane gallery from the 16th - 22nd of september as part of the London Design Festival. This collection is called 'Rough Diamond' and he will also be presenting some of his old collection called 'Neo Neon'.

I have always been a huge fan of furniture restoration, especially vintage furniture, and Lee transforms these antique pieces into Design Art by adorning each piece with bright light.

There are alot of mixed feelings about Lee's work and whether 'pimping' a piece of furniture really is art, but I believe that altering something in an existing design by adding a different concept to it that would make it aesthetically pleasing is design!

I want the Louis IV armchair to be honest.

Although Shiro Kuramata sort of did the same concept years ago I think Lee highlighted the curves of the chairs better.

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