Platform 4

Lost in time:

Unmasking the moment


All things are in a state of change. Everything is an event, each unfolding at differing speeds. Our challenge is to reveal the magic of the world as an ever-evolving constellation of happenings through time.

This year Platform 4 were explorers in time. The unit explored temporary, perpetual and repetitive happenings; tracking moments of slow shifting and capturing flashes of instant transition. We basked in the explosive magic of the instant and gazed at the slow burn of the eternal.

A series of briefs [Record - Pause - Edit - Play] explored notions of sequence, choreography and narrative through film, drawing, photography, animation, writing and making.  As part of the process of design the students were expected to test elements of their proposals through a series of films, built fragments, working models and 1:1 installations.

At the start of the year each student was asked to produce one time-lapse and one slow motion film of a chosen site. This then informed their choice of time period within which to work. The developed proposals were then reinserted into their context and reanimated using film, working models, and time-based drawing. This culminated in proposals that are not merely static architectural objects but active participants in their site over time. 


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