Proposal 2 - The Anxiety Garden

A de-stressing experience by the globe pub. There are over 100 people in and out of the Globe every weekday. They drink their sorrows and anxieties away only to go back home to start another stressful day. In the pub there is a booth and a pile of wishbones. These wishbones represent the frailty of human emotion. The booth supplies you with small pieces of paper where you can write your hopes, dreams, troubles and sorrows and send them out to the world.
   The structure grows slowly as it accumulates everyones wishbones. The steel membranes start to get hidden by the wishbones until the skeleton is no longer visible. The wishbones create a garden with different spaces. It has animalistic behaviors and shakes nervously depending on whether the stocks are going up or down. Some pieces drop off whilst others remain high and strong.

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